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We have Lilac bulldogs, and Lilac Tri Olde English Bulldogge puppies, also blue olde english bulldog puppies for sale, chocolate bulldog puppies available and Merle bulldog puppies.  Please read our home page to educate yourself more about this unique breed, watch out for scams remember if quality is never cheap then can cheap ever be quality? When selecting a puppy remember the shorter the nose the shorter the walk!


blue fawn and white Female – Available
Litter: Katey and Brisco James
Born: September 13, 2017


blue tri and white Male – Available
Litter: F’amos and Silent Echo
Born: November 25, 2017


thank you Matt Female – Sold
Litter: Katey and Brisco James
Born: September 13, 2017


thank you Lala! Female – Sold
Litter: F’amos and Silent Echo
Born: November 25, 2017


When purchasing a bulldog you may ask these questions.

If Quality is never cheap then can cheap be quality?

Will this breeder answer my questions? Do they care about the bulldogs they raise and give them attention? Do they try to place them with loving families and are they professionals that understand the health of the breed? Hobby breeders are ok but will they be there when I need them, are they just breeding their pets or have they purchased breeding quality adults to produce quality bulldog puppies? Do they have to work out of the home so that they do not have the time to be home with their dogs when they have puppies? What is a puppy mill and am i purchasing a bulldog puppy form one? Do i understand the difference between a puppy mill and a responsible professional breeder that is dedicated to the health of the breed? Does the breeder I chose work with the puppies and help them to be socialized bulldogs? Have I educated myself about Bulldogs and am I willing to give my puppy a good home caring for it responsibly?

Bull Dogs That Can Do More

If you want to avoid many of the health problems associated with line-bred English Bulldog Puppies, you might want to consider alternative breeds such as Olde English Bulldogges, the original bulldog. They are very healthy compared to the English bulldog, they are loyal and just as adorable as the English Bulldog.. As an Olde English Bulldogg Breeder we produce a variety of rare and exotic colors, Chocolate puppies, Blue Bulldogs, Black and White Bulldogs, Merle Olde English Bulldogge Pups, Blue Fawn and Tri Bulldogs. Choose a breeder with a reputation for breeding healthy pets that have documented bloodlines. Ask questions about a pup’s pedigree and their health guarantee before you buy .

Owning one of these Old English Bulldog Puppies is an opportunity to maintain the integrity of the breed and health of this relative of the English Bulldog. Ask us how easy it is by using good diet, exercise, grooming, and health care practices to keep a pup healthy and beautiful in the years to come.

Why would you choose to buy one of these quality Old English Bulldogs? Bulldogs live with single adults, couples, children, and elderly family members, movie stars, sports figures, people of all walks of life, giving these great animals wonderful homes in exchange the Bulldog Pup gives the families canine companionship and entertainment. More trainable and athletic then English bulldogs, they make great companions, their looks can scare off home intruders, are adorable yet competitive as show dogs, and provide love and loyalty to homes over a dog’s lifetime. Some of the bulldogs we raise are able to go jogging and hiking with you. We also raise Olde English Bulldogs that go for the short walks most all of the Old English Bulldogge’s like to lay around the house and watch tv, sleep in your bed if allowed and entertain you all day long. Remember the shorter the nose the shorter the walks! See for yourself why Olde English Bulldogges make great pets. You will have to commit to many years of supervising and caring for your pet, but this time investment is totally worth the effort as they can enrich  families lives! You will never regret the decision to bring the original bulldog, a fine-bred pet, into your home and share the love that only canines bring with your family and friends. Learn More about Olde English Bulldogge’s they may win your heart over as they have so many people. Look at the history of the Original bulldog and you will want an Olde English Bulldogge Puppy to call your own.  If you are going to invest in a bulldog why not get one that is healthier and has a fantastic look one that is unique to you and your family. Please call or text us 208-697-3377  or send us an


We have blue bulldog puppies for sale.

We also offer Lilac Tri bulldogs,Merle bulldogs, chocolate bulldog puppies, and other rare olde english bulldogges.

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